Name: "The Enigma" Clay Reitmeier
Height: 6'1
Weight: 227 lbs
Age: 25
Hometown: Oscoda, Michigan
Nickname: The Enigma
Manager: (If so, list their name and small details):
Associates: (Any tag-team/stable partners, list their names here, as well as the name of the team): Blackout!
Interpretation: (Is he/she heel or face): tweener
Wrestling Style: high impact/technical/showman
Gimmick: show stealer...similar to AJ Styles, but with more charisma lol.
Finisher Moves: (You must have atleast one, and a maximum of three): Detriot Deathtrap (Canadian Destroyer), Car Wreck (Texas Cloverleaf)
Trademark Moves: (You must have atleast one, and a maximum of three): Enziguri, Reverse DDT, Moonsault
Movelist: (You must have a maximum of 7, These are moves that the writers will add into matches that your character uses):
Snap Suplex, DDT, Backbreaker, Swinging Neckbreaker, German Suplex, Spinebuster, Atomic Drop
Appearance: (How your character looks): Attire similar to shelton benjamin, mainly black with blue and yellow designs/trim. shaggy haircut. outside the ring: Enigma shirt...designer jeans and converse.
Entrance Music: (You can list this if you want): Twisted Transistor by Korn