[COLOR="red"]Justin Sane [/COLOR]



[COLOR="red"]around 20[/COLOR]

Hometown: [COLOR="red"]Parts Unknown[/COLOR]

Nickname:[COLOR="red"]The Next Evolution
The Shooter
The Anti Bully [/COLOR]

Manager: (If so, list their name and small details):[COLOR="red"]Kandy Kane /Kaos[/COLOR]
[COLOR="magenta"]Justin Sane[/COLOR]
Associates: (Any tag-team/stable partners, list their names here, as well as the name of the team):Same as Above

Interpretation: (Is he/she heel or face):
[COLOR="red"]Tweener [/COLOR]

Wrestling Style:
[COLOR="red"]Technical/Big Man--Powerhouse [/COLOR]

[COLOR="red"]Big Man but Green just graduated from D.W.A Draven Wrestling Academy [/COLOR]

Finisher Moves: (You must have atleast one, and a maximum of three):
[COLOR="red"]Thats Justin Sane (Spear)
This Just In(Superkick)
Justified(450 Splash off the top rope standing or prone opponent)
Just N Time(Modified figure four leglock)

Trademark Moves: (You must have atleast one, and a maximum of three):
[COLOR="red"]Lethal Combination(STO backbreaker followed by a reverse STO)
Lethal Injection (Pumphandle sitout powerbomb or a belly to back suplex
lift transitioned into a neckbreaker
Neckbreaker [/COLOR]

Movelist: (You must have a maximum of 7, These are moves that the writers will add into matches that your character uses):
[COLOR="red"]Big Show Taker meets Jay Lethal Douglas Williams [/COLOR]

Appearance: (Your character's look-a-like, NO WWE pics allowed ):
[COLOR="red"]Matt Morgan [/COLOR]

Entrance Music: (You can list this if you want):
[COLOR="red"]Voices Rev Theory[/COLOR]